~Tuning & Engine Work Services~

Hard Times Parts & Service is proud to offer our tuning/engine building services from 32 time national champion Dustin Lee. 

When you purchase your MTC Engineering clutch through Hard Times Parts & Service you automatically receive a free initial setup AND one weekend of clutch tuning assistance.

Clutch Tuning Services

But maybe you've already had your clutch for a few seasons or have completely changed your setup.  Dustin Lee offers initial setup tuning and track tuning.  Tuning will be provided via phone/text.  CLICK HERE FOR CLUTCH SERVICES

Going into his fourth season of working with Holley standalones, Dustin is also available for tuning/setups on the lineup of Holley ECUs.  CLICK HERE FOR HOLLEY ECU SERVICES

Holley ECU Tuning Services

Additionally, Dustin will sometimes offer slots for engine builds depending on his current workload.  Please contact him directly for engine build inquiries.

Engine Build Services

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